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Certified Angel Card Reader

Angel Cards can give you help and insight from the Angelic realms. Card readings can help you prepare for any obstacles that might present themselves, as well as to make space in your life for new opportunities. Psychic readings also get you aligned to your highest soul and life purpose to make opportunities flow towards you. They help you to recognise and heal past trauma that may be holding you back. They are like 'psychic sat nav' - they can give you hints and tips at what obstacles or traffic jams there may be in your way and sign post a quicker more direct route to your highest life purpose and sense of fulfilment.

Angel Tarot Psychic Readings
Quick! Sharp! Reading
Reading to overcome a crisis!
This reading is designed to give direct help to a specific question and situation
Angel tarot psyhic readings
Monthly Forecast
An in depth Angel forecast looking at what opportunities or challenges may present themselves over the coming months. Choose 3 or 6 months.

Other Packages available.

I use my own connection with Spirit, my Angels and guides and combine and use multiple decks and different spreads such as celtic cross, decision spreads, and romance spreads to gain a thorough, full and in depth insight into any situation for my client. I can even use Past life oracle cards to see whether this issue is a karmic one.


Readings are either done via email,( skype (bex_liz.eager), facebook ( or face to face in a private session. Payment is made via paypal, (

All readings are done in the strictest confidence.






*as I am based in the UK our legislation means I have to advise that readings are for entertainment purposes only and I am not responsible for any decisions you make following a reading..

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