Playing (Tarot) Cards!

We’ve just come back from a snowy walk, during which my son got over excited and became too aggressive with his snow ball throwing! After two warnings and a fourth snowball to my head, he was told he was going home to bed. We duly got home, removed wet and snowy clothes and he got changed for bed and of course he was crying about how unfair life was! We were watching TV when he came back downstairs wanting to join us, to which he was obviously told no! (my head REALLY hurt!!) He told me he couldn’t sleep as he was soooo angry and could I do something to help him calm down.(Even though he hadn't taken any snow balls to the head at this point!) “Like what?” “I don’t know! A foot massage or an

Bohemian Bex - Not so Bohemian after all!!

What does ‘Bohemian’ mean to you? To me, it means freedom, art, flow, creativity, change, unconventional, messy hair, travel, excitement... And, well to look at me you would say I’m not particularly ‘Bohemian’. I’m certainly not living an Anais Nin, life full of lovers and secret stories to share! (not that I’d tell you about anyway ;-) ) I’m married, with two children and a mortgage!! (Yawn!) About as conventional as you can get – apart from my ‘job’ of course. I work as a Tarot reader, psychic, Aromatherapist/Reflexologist, or ‘healer’ for want of a better word, using lots of tools including essential oils, crystals and the above! But I am Bohemian at heart! (Like most of us really!) Wh

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