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The perfect intro and foundation course to the Angelic Realms.

Want to take charge of your life and feel supported? The Angels and I have got your back!

*Learn to connect with your Angels, 

*Learn the difference between Angels & Spirit.

*Learn the difference between Ego & Intuition.

*Develop a daily grounding & Protection habit.

*Raise your vibration and KEEP it high! 

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A course designed to introduce you to the power of Law of Attraction.

*Learn to appreciate your value & self worth 

*Learn to find gratitude in the small things.

*Gain the power of gratitude journalling..

*Start to live the life you love and Love the life you live!! 

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A lot of my clients struggle with switching off at night. 

I've put together this short guided meditation to help you drift off to the land of dreams.

This was recorded at the beach with it's soothing, ambient background noise to help relax you.

When you have made your purchase, through paypal, please put your email address +SLEEP as the reference. I will then email you a copy of the recording to download and listen on your smartphone or computer. (I can also send it as a voice note through whatsapp) 

It is yours to keep and listen to as often as you like! 

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