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Reiki ~ A Loving Touch!

A Loving Touch. (As featured in Sprout Magazine)

What is Reiki and how is it used? ~ These are questions I hear all the time from my clients, and it’s a difficult treatment to explain. Reiki is a UNIVERSAL form of energy healing. (have your eyes glazed over and you’ve started to think I’m a little ‘flakey’??) By UNIVERSAL I mean that it has no Religion, or Dogma attached to it. It can ONLY be used for good and to benefit people or situations and it can be used ANYWHERE or ANYTIME. By ANYONE. Hold on did I just tell you that ANYONE can do Reiki? Well why then should I, as a complementary therapist, charge you for a treatment- aren’t you doing yourself out of a job?! Let me explain. Ok, so I’m a complementary therapist I charge up to £40 for an hour & a half Reiki treatment. This is because I HAVE spent time and money on being ‘attuned’ to Reiki and learning its secret symbols and principles. I have been taught how to use these principles and symbols to offer clients a full and relaxing and incredibly beneficial Reiki Treatment. But it is an inherent instinct within all of us... When we have a headache, we rub out head or our temples. When we have tummy ache/cramps we often put our hands on our belly to soothe them. When we ‘stub’ our toe – we grasp it (whilst dancing around the room/rolling on the floor in pain!) and THIS IS REIKI. It is the focused delivering of energy to parts of the body; more specifically, focusing the energy of LOVE. Every mother out there has seen the power of ‘magic kisses’ or the need sometimes for a sore knee just to be rubbed, or a poorly little one held. That in essence is Reiki: A LOVING TOUCH.

Anyone can access the infinite power of Reiki. Whilst it would be wrong of me to disclose the secret and powerful symbols of Reiki, I can tell you some everyday ways to harness the power of Reiki.

~ To help Insomnia When you have one of those nights where you just can’t switch off, place your left hand on your forehead and your right hand across your navel. (Remember to keep your fingers together- scattered fingers = scattered energy!!) Notice your breathing, how your stomach rises and falls with each breath. Your hands may start to tingle or get hot. Don’t worry if they don’t – Reiki can be very subtle and you may not feel anything, but trust me it will still be working its magic. Stay in this position for at least 15 minutes or until you fall asleep. ~To soothe a headache Place both your hands on your head with your fingers pointed backward towards your crown/back of your head. Leave a small gap between your hands. It should feel comfortable and not strained. Stay this way for a few minutes and close your eyes if you can. Your headache will soon melt away.

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