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Playing (Tarot) Cards!

We’ve just come back from a snowy walk, during which my son got over excited and became too aggressive with his snow ball throwing!

After two warnings and a fourth snowball to my head, he was told he was going home to bed. We duly got home, removed wet and snowy clothes and he got changed for bed and of course he was crying about how unfair life was!

We were watching TV when he came back downstairs wanting to join us, to which he was obviously told no! (my head REALLY hurt!!) He told me he couldn’t sleep as he was soooo angry and could I do something to help him calm down.(Even though he hadn't taken any snow balls to the head at this point!)

“Like what?”

“I don’t know! A foot massage or an Angel Tarot Card reading or something?”

“An Angel Card might help you feel better, but you’re still going to bed!”

“Why?” He whined in that really annoying way kids do...

“Because you’ve done something need to accept responsibility for that!”

“But the Angels can take it away.”

“They can’t take away the fact that you need to learn the difference between right and wrong! Now back to bed!”

So, again off he finally went sulking to bed, but it set me thinking about the number of clients who come to you for a reading, and are upset and actually sometimes whine (Jokes!! - i love you really and am here to help!) in a similar way to my 8 year old. Not because they have done something wrong but because things aren’t changing or they’re constantly going round in circles. We all get stuck in this loop of our own making at times! The strongest cages are the ones we build ourselves! But often that is exactly when you need Tarot or Angel cards the most!

Tarot is designed to make you look at your life and assess your choices! It is designed to help you make better choices. It is designed to call you out...

But it doesn’t wave a magick (mis-spelling intentional!) wand over your life! It is also down to us to make the choices and changes we need. If we continue to keep repeating patterns we’ll continue to get the same results. It is up to us to ultimately take responsibility for ourselves and for the choices we make.

you have an obligation to play the hell out of the cards you've been dealt!

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