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Letting in Leo - Entering The Lions Gate!

Entering the Lions gate

For those of us who have been on a spiritual journey for a while you cannot move at the minute without reading or seeing about these massive galactic events that have been happening! We had the eclipse a last week, a very powerful full blood moon, mercury and about 6 other planets all in retrograde right now!! I don't know about you - but I'm a mess!!!

It's one helluva ride..... (not my actual driving btw!)

I have been up and down like a yo-yo with my moods and my energy levels. I feel like I ought to have a sign around my neck that says "Planets out of alignment- approach with caution!"

And you know what??...

I'm ok with that!! My husband is pretty sensitive to recognise (most of the time!) when to keep his distance. Over the last few years as I've got to know myself better (a major part of all spiritual teaching is"know thyself!" right?!) I recognise that these mood changes and even the negative moods are necessary! They are my body telling me something, whether that is just to spend more time alone, or listen to myself and my intuition when making decisions or just simply reminding me of what my core values are, and what my boundaries are, and what my triggers are.

I'm brave enough to speak my truth now, clearly and honestly and I'm old enough now to have passed through the need for approval on the most part, (I still have a few people pleasing ways that could be changed!)

So, what is the Lions Gate? How does it affect you?

The lions gate happens on the 8th August every year (8/8) and is when Sirius (thought by some to be the largest star in the sky, and our "spiritual sun") moves into alignment with the Earth and the Sun. In ancient times it was believed that Sirius was whispering secrets to the sun (how romantic!?)

On a spiritual level it is believed that during this time high frequency energy is sent to Earth from Sirius, and this energy is received through our heart centres and third eye centres (chakra) The highest frequency energy we know of is that of love.

So during this time you may start to feel a renewed sense of love for yourself (it always starts with self!) and also a renewed sense of belonging to the human race (as we are all one in spiritual truth).

This is the perfect time to heal any past traumas that you may be holding in your energy field, and also a perfect time to let go of any resentment you may have been feeling. The Sirius energy will help you release all of that junk to live your best possible life and help you to attract better circumstances in your life.

Letting go of past resentment is also a surefire way to kick start your health; as resentment can quite literally make you sick if you carry it for long enough in your energetic field!

As we also receive the Sirius energy through our third eye chakra, you may start to notice a sense of deja vu, intuitive knowing, or even very direct predictions for your own life coming true. Pay attention to dreams, visions, day dreams and seemingly random thoughts that pop into your head!!

With is all these planets in retrograde, will that not counteract the awesome love energy we receive from Sirius?

We have Mercury, Mars, Saturn, Neptune, Pluto (yes- i think it's been reinstated as a planet!) and Uranus (titter titter!) ALL in retrograde (moving backwards!) Surely that undoes all the Good we are getting from the Lionsgate portal?!

Simple answer- no not really!! We have to be practical here, I think yes its great to know about mercury retrograde and remember to double check communication during this time and be patient with electronics! But I don't believe in going into fear about this! The planets certainly affect us but as long as we are taking the time for the correct self care, and checking in on ourselves every so often, it's all going to be fine! Everythin's gravy baby!!

The worst think you can do is assume your going to have things go wrong because of mercury retrograde - cos guess what?! They will!!

Being aware of the astrological influences can help you navigate the emotions and obstacles that might come up...But remember the strongest law of the universe that there is - the Law of attraction!! If you are feeling nervous, on edge and expecting things to dive bomb out of control, they will. So take time out to check in with yourself every so often, imagine that Sirius love energy expelling all the negative vibes from the planetary traffic jam we are navigating right now! Much Love, star light and sun beams to you!! Have a great month! xxx

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