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Crystals and Crap! xx

Crystals and crap!!!

~ A guide to all that “hippy dippy” stuff that you don’t really need!

Beautiful Rose quartz Crystals

So, this weekend saw me conquering (well at least going some way towards defeating!) a HUGE anxiety trigger of mine, and about a million other people - Public speaking!!

I was given the opportunity to do a talk at a local Mind, body, spirit fayre.

Now, if you know me, watch my angel tarot card reading videos, or have had treatments or readings from me, you probably have been fooled into thinking I’m pretty confident! But like most people I shudder at the thought of speaking in front of more than two people – and people I don’t know?- forget it!

It all stems back to being a shy kid, with fair hair and fair skin who would blush bright red whenever the teacher asked me anything, even calling my name in the register! And for those who know what it’s like to blush – the hotness, the burning cheeks, will probably also understand the shortness of breath and the stuttering/stumbling over my words that goes with it, and of course the idiot who alwa

ys points out “hey! you’ve gone really red!” and laughing! (like you can’t tell!) Urrggghhh! The memories still haunt me!! And truth be told they’ve been holding me back!

I’ve been guided so many times over the last two years to do workshops – I have a wealth of different knowledge from crystals (I’ll come on to this!) to Angels, aromatherapy, Tarot and even palmistry (yep – bet you wouldn’t have guessed that one! ) But speaking out loud has always held me back! I’ve written a few online courses (drop me an email if you want to know about them!) but delivering them in person has until now, been off the table!

But now- I’ve done my first ever public talk about what I do! It was a 25 minute talk on the difference between Angels vs Spirit, and Ego vs Intuition (topics I cover in depth on my Angels Beginners course!) So now – I am almost, almost ready to deliver in person workshops! An intention I set myself at the beginning of the year, was basically to get the hell out of my own way and start sharing more of what I do- because it’s pretty fascinating! (even if I do say so myself!)

Anyway, back on topic- the crystals and crap of the title! So Sunday, about to do my talk, I hardly slept the night before. I had written notes, I’d planned what I wanted to say without actually writing a script (because that’s too organised!) I took a bath with some decadent rose oil, and rose quartz crystals for confidence and self assurance. I did my little meditation and checked in with the Angels. BUT I still felt unprepared so I had tigers eye in my bra, for courage, and when I got to the festival I went on the hunt for some sodalite crystal for communication because I had given away my last piece at home. Luckily I found a little bracelet (I probably spend more at the MBS festivals than I ever earn, but hey, what an atmosphere to work in!) I even had an aromatherapy roll on for relaxation to calm my nerves.

Just before my talk I was rubbing my crystal like my mad (my bracelet- not my boob!) when it suddenly occurred to me “Becky, just ask...” All of the trappings and accessories and crystal baths and really ALL I needed to do was check in with my Angels.

“ArchAngel Michael, please give my courage and confidence. ArchAngel Gabriel please help me communicate clearly a message that serves any people that come today.” And with that little prayer the Angels reminded me of two things:

  1. It didn’t matter if no one, or only a few people came - the ones who needed to be there and to hear what I had to say would be guided to be there. When in doubt focus on service!

  2. The Angels had my back – crystals or no crystals!

So, whilst I love a good crystal, a good aromatherapy oil and a luxury ritual bath (Typical Taurus!) None of that truly mattered. What did matter was focusing on serving people, asking the Angels for support and following my guidance that this really isn’t something that should hold me back any longer. The talk went great, the room was FULL!! I can’t remember exactly what I said, but I didn’t blush or go red! So it was a success in my book! Onwards and upwards, crystals or no crystals! Watch this space – there will be more talks/workshops etc coming soon. In the meantime if you want to learn more about crystals and everyday uses or take my Angel Beginners course, drop me an email. Much love, Bex xxx

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