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Solar Flares, Science and Shit!

Isn't it weird how you can think something is a certain way, but when you look back on that experience, you see it as totally different?

Have you ever had a crystal randomly break on you?! What does it mean?

I recently read an fantastic blog post from Vix at New Age Hipster (I love her, check out her stuff, she's very down to earth and keeps spirituality real!) Her blog talked about what it means when a crystal breaks. I have experienced crystals that disappear or re-appear as needed like magic, but I have only ever had two broken crystals in my life - One of which had been thrown on the ground by my very own two year old terrorist! No explanation needed!

(She's grown up somewhat now, and appreciates the power of the stones! ;-) )

The other happened when I was on holiday in February 2018. I say holiday, but it was more of a once in a lifetime adventure to the Arctic circle, and visit to see the mini - terrorists (I mean children's!!) God-parents who live in Tromso, Norway.

Now this isn't (really!) just an excuse to share with you some of my holiday snaps! (or is it??!!)

In Norway, our friends had arranged for us to have a night skiing in a log cabin, which was incredible! We were lucky enough to see the Northern lights both nights (a total of three out of our 5 nights in Norway we saw them!) The first night was surreal- we were in sub zero temperatures in a hot tub surrounded by snow, drinking wine on Valentines day evening. It was perfect.

The next night as we were packing up ready to go home, I got really sick! I rarely get sick, (unless I've partied too hard, which I'm almost growing out of! lol) and we hadn't had anything to drink as we were driving back to our city air bnb that night. But I came over, weak, wobbly, dizzy. My whole body felt like it was tingling and shaking. I was nauseous and then started vomiting! It was awful.

However, I was able to be distracted from my misery when the Northern Lights came out to play again and gave us the most spectacular show! Even our native Norwegian friend was surprised by the intensity of the lights that night.

It was a show like you see on the movies/magazines and our previous valentines night paled in comparison. Now here is where I spam you with photos - scroll on to see what I'm talking about with the crystal!

The sickness returned with a vengeance and my poor husband had to rally both kids, pack up our stuff and load the hire car whilst I lay in a quivering heap on the bed, thinking I was dying. (I'm not normally quite so melodramatic - as I said - I rarely even get sick!) We had to stop on the journey back because I was again violently ill and it felt like the world had lost its balance. If you've ever had vertigo, or got stupidly drunk, and the room feels wonky - that's how it felt to me! I was almost ready to ask Al to call a local Dr, if it wasn't for the fact that being British, I'm terrified of using any other health service because of the cost!! (we were insured, but still!)

I remember getting back to our apartment, undressing and collapsing on the bed.

I will say it again - I have never felt so sick in my life! It was like the worst kind of drunkeness, combined with vertigo, a migraine/ blurred vision and nausea! The next morning I woke up...... absolutely fine!! Just a little annoyed that I went to bed with mascara on (I hate that!) and I had broken the smokey quartz crystal that was in my bra. Our air bnb had hardwood floors and I just assumed at the time that it had dropped out of my bra and broken. (which of course it may well have for your sceptics out there!)

Although we have often talked of that experience, my husband thought I was just 'over excited' by seeing the lights, the kids thought I had hypothermia - I thought it was something to do with the radiation from the Aurora Borealis! But the crystal was never thought of again! (I put the separate halves in separate bags for travelling home and they randomly disappeared, like they do!)

Then I read this article from Vix

She suggests that a crystal could break if it has been used to protect you from something- negative energy or even...potentially protecting you from solar flares! It made me suddenly remember the smokey quartz and I have to admit it made me think! Because science does explain the northern lights as being caused by Solar winds interacting with the Earth's magnetic field (or thereabouts!) and the amazing show we had that night was apparently attributed to a solar storm.

Interesting right??

Have you ever had any crystals break on you?

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