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Terms and Conditions


Bohemian Bex is provided for the personal use of individuals over the age of 18 years of age subject to the following terms and conditions. These terms and conditions also govern your use of any extended or paid services offered by BohemianBex via this website.  We reserve the right to change these terms and conditions at any time therefore you should read this page whenever you visit as by using the web site you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.


All prices are displayed in Pounds Sterling (GBP).  Payments are processed by PayPal, direct BACs transfer or my Etsy shop to offer you and I protection using card payments. Your order will be processed in Pounds Sterling (GBP) and will appear on your statement or account in your own currency at the conversion rate prevailing at the time.It is important that the e-mail address you provide via Paypal is correct as this is the address we will use to contact you with confirmation of your booking, a request for your question/questions and an indication of when you will receive your reading.  You will receive this confirmation within 2 working days.


Readings will be emailed within 5 working days of payment, although this is subject to change depending on a number of factors. Where possible you will always be kept informed of any delays/changes to the agreed reading. Readings will be in English and sent to the email address you used to make your Paypal payment.  All readings are prepared to order in MSword, PDF or mp3 format; most home computers and devices will read these files.

Information Provided in Readings and on the Website

This website is designed to help guide individuals with the use of personal Angel Card readings, other readings and information hence the information provided may represent personal opinion. Because I am based in the UK and governed by UK law I have to advise readings are for entertainment purposes only. This is because Psychic ability cannot yet be proven. Bohemian Bex cannot guarantee the accuracy or completeness of any information given within a reading or on this website. The readings are provided based on the proviso that an individual must take responsibility for his or her own life and all information provided is intended for guidance purposes only and is not intended to replace the individual’s personal judgement or free will.  The readings and information provided will cover both positive and negative aspects therefore you should only order a personal reading if you feel confident you can manage any negative possibilities.

The information provided should at no time be regarded as legal, psychological, medical, business, or financial fact.  Any actions taken by any individual are solely that person’s choice and responsibility.  BohemianBex will therefore not be liable, or accept liability, for any loss or damage of whatever nature which may result from content given in any reading or from any information supplied on this website.

Health and Financial Advice

An Angel/ Tarot card reading is not a substitute for professional advice and this is especially true about, but not limited to, finances and health; always be sure to consult your doctor or specialist where applicable. If you have any medical conditions that you are concerned with, then you should consult a qualified member of the medical profession for advice and treatment. As I am a complementary therapist health may be discussed within any reading; however any information given to the client is NOT intended as a substitute for treatment by a medical professional.

BohemianBex is not engaged in rendering medical aid, counselling, financial guidance or advice or other professional services or advice, and shall not be liable or responsible to any person or entity for any loss or damage caused, or alleged to be have been caused, directly, or indirectly, by or from the guidance given or ideas suggested, or referred to within any reading or on this website.


All transactions on this site and any correspondence before or after you have bought your forecast or profile will be conducted in United Kingdom English only.


All readings (whether free or paid for, e-mailed or read on the website) are for your personal use only and must not be forwarded or shared in full or part in the public domain, unless stated otherwise, and if sharing please give credit for its source.

Social Buttons

On many of the pages of the site you will see ‘social buttons’. These enable users to share or bookmark the web pages. In order to implement these buttons, and connect them to the relevant social networks and external sites, there are scripts from domains outside. You should be aware that these sites are likely to be collecting information about what you are doing all around the internet. So if you click on any of these buttons, these sites will be registering that action and may use that information. In some cases these sites will be registering the fact that you are visiting our site and the specific pages you are on, even if you don’t click on the button if you are logged into their services, like Google and Facebook. You should check the respective policies of each of these sites to see how exactly they use your information and to find out how to opt out, or delete, such information.

Applicable Law

In any case of dispute the Courts of England shall have jurisdiction and all matters shall be settled in accordance with English law.


Indemnity Insurance

My indemnity insurance for my readings, treatments and workshops is provided by Bgi Insurance.



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