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Angelic Reiki
​60 min - £40

Reiki is an intensely relaxing, treatment which helps to balance your own energy and chakras. There is no need to undress and people are surprised at the positive, detoxing results. It is something you have to try to believe the benefits. I was trained by the fantastic Tanmaya Honervogt, who founded the Devon Institue of Usui Reiki.

I also offer Angelic Reiki

Reflexology Packages
Standard treatment ​£35 (45 mins - 1 hour)
Fertility one off treatments ​£35 (1hour)
Fertility course of 5 treatments* ​£150
Fertility course of 10 treatments* £300
(*recommended that you transfer at least one session to your partner. If you fall pregnant before 5/10 sessions the treatments will continue as pregnancy or post - natal treatments. They are non-refundable.)
I am passionate about cruelty free, ethical and organic cosmetics. I am a trained aromatherapist and also sell Aromatherapy remedies through Neals Yard.


Crystal Healing



Crystal Healing is a natural non -invasive treatment that can help treat conditions such as IBS, Insomnia, anxiety and stress related conditions.


Other Prices/Time slots available

Please contact me to discuss your needs.


*Angel card readings are for entertainment purposes only.

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